From Binary Thinking to a Third Way

A friend, exasperated and overworked, was telling me that there is absolutely no way to avoid working at night from Sunday through Thursday if he wants to keep his clients happy. A colleague was telling me that if she takes her proverbial foot off the gas then they won’t be able to afford the lifestyle […]

Your Extended Leadership Team is a Power Multiplier

Your extended leadership team, or ELT, is a wonderful thing – if you know where to find it and what to do with it. Some companies do, but quite a lot don’t. These relatively senior managers are a hard bunch to identify, sometimes, and they’re very often only engaged as a part of a big, […]

Making Humanity a Leadership Priority

A few months after I had my daughter, I asked a female senior leader how she balanced family obligations with a demanding work schedule. “Closely guard how much information you share with people at work when you take time out for family stuff,” she said. “Don’t let it look like being a mom is getting […]

The Art of Clear Leadership

As a member of a leadership team, you have a lot on your plate. You have to work with your peers to figure out how to accelerate growth, innovate, elevate talent, find efficiencies, scale faster, be more customer centric and execute better. These questions are tough. Having authentic and creative conversations in order to answer […]

Introducing The Narrative House: co-creating ambition, strategy and culture with clarity and humanity

Today, we’re extremely pleased to announce the launch of The Narrative House, Inc., a creative consulting firm that helps companies of all sizes co-create ambition, strategy and culture. Founded by Layla Kajer and Jeremy Morgan, both formerly of Bonfire and Lippincott/Oliver Wyman, The Narrative House will service healthcare, technology, energy, hospitality and financial services clients […]