A simple, compelling statement of ambition serves as a North Star for strategic planning, and allows you to liberate your teams in the knowledge that everyone is pulling in the same direction.

We believe a well-crafted ambition is filled with purpose, and describes the value you want to deliver for your stakeholders and society. It can encompass and supersede other language constructs such as vision, mission and purpose statements.

Our Approach

Typically in workshops with the leadership team and extended leadership team, we guide a conversation to define the desired future state—purpose, value and differentiation—and the business attributes required to support it.

Our workshops combine expert facilitation, creative passion and a proven methodology to surface divergent opinions, create space for constructive debate, then align leaders around key elements of the ambition.

These leader conversations can be supplemented with input from employee workshops to ensure that the frontline’s hopes and aspirations for the company are represented in the discussion.

The Narrative House goes through an iterative process to skillfully distill the key concepts surfaced in the workshops into a clear, human and emotive ambition statement.

This statement will serve to rally employees, provide a North Star for strategic planning and decision-making, and bring intention and consistency to internal and external communications including marketing and PR, social media engagement, investor relations and recruiting.