Our approach to prioritization produces strategic clarity, broad buy-in to your selected priorities, and the elimination of the non-value added work that’s consuming unnecessary time and resources across your organization.

While we have a strategy consulting background, we’re not typical strategy consultants. We believe that you already have most of the knowledge and expertise you need to answer your toughest questions. We simply provide you with a powerful methodology, great facilitation, and artful expression.

Our Approach

Once we have a clear idea of your company’s ambition we can identify, through a leadership workshop, the big bodies of work required to achieve it.

These priorities might be market-facing, such as the development of new product capabilities or better engagement with customers; or internal—for example, to drive improvements in systems, talent, leadership or the employee experience.

In the next phase of our process we work with you to compile a comprehensive inventory of resource-consuming work in your organization, including ongoing, everyday efforts and additional projects such as systems investments, people processes, product development, sales and marketing efforts, and more.

Once we have a clear idea of the future state, strategic priorities and a full inventory of projects, The Narrative House runs an all-day, facilitated session in which the extended leadership team and subject matter experts (SMEs) plot each initiative according to its relative impact on the future state, alignment with priorities, and urgency.

An additional round of ideation at the end of the day allows participants to review prioritized work and identify additional projects that are required to achieve the future state.

In follow-up conversations, de-prioritized work can then be stopped, postponed or significantly right-sized, and resources can be re-allocated to high-impact, high-urgency initiatives.