How can you empower employees by giving them a cultural framework they can turn to when they’re faced with tough choices and ambiguous situations? Lists of values and prescriptive behaviors won’t get the job done.

We work with you to define the behavioral principles you need to achieve your ambition, and craft engagement plans that embed new ways of working. 
We also deliver creative execution support including leader presentations and communications, employer brands and value propositions (EVPs), employee campaigns, videos, digital experiences and crowdsourcing events.

Our Approach

The Narrative House brings together leaders and other stakeholders including HR and internal communications to define the behavioral future state required to achieve the company’s ambition—how we want employees to approach their work as they kick-off projects, partner with each other, make decisions, manage their teams and more.

We then distill these behaviors into a small set of cultural principles—high-level guardrails that employees can refer to in their everyday work, and that leaders and managers can role-model and reinforce.

These might relate to how to collaborate, focus time and effort, foster creative thinking or work in agile ways—whatever your organization needs in order to achieve its ambition in this phase of growth.

We partner with you to craft your internal messaging framework, and identify and plan the creative leadership, engagement, talent or infrastructure interventions required to embed new ways of working. These can range from campaigns, videos and town hall presentations to crowdsourcing events or digital apps and hubs.

Finally, we design benchmark and follow-up surveys that go beyond generic measures of engagement, and instead track progress towards your ambition by gauging employee belief in the organization’s direction, and the extent to which the cultural principles are being applied and supported in everyday work.